Intro to Human-to-Human Lead Gen

First of all, please…thank you for checking us out.

If you are reading this now, then you know about or are at least curious about the impact human-to-human lead generation has on marketing and sales departments. Whether on the phone with a potential customer or in dialogue with a prospect at an event, you’ve seen or heard about human connections made, trust built, and business relationships established.

RPMC_logo_webAt the core of human-to-human lead generation, that is, the distribution channel of soliciting your product or service to potential buyers with some form of “live” human communication exchange, RPMC believes the relationship built from “live” human exchange creates not only trust, but a connection beyond the hope of a simple transaction of goods or services.

In the last year, RPMC has worked with over 150 companies, delivering new ways to generate appointments, presentations, and estimates for their potential customers’. What is so fascinating, is even with the emergence of the internet to divide the market share even more in the communication marketing channel, businesses incessantly seek out cold calling and face-to-face lead generation as part of their integrated marketing efforts. Because apps, online stores, and social media have rose to the top of everyone’s mind in the past 10 years as a focus for desperately grabbing the attention of any and all online users, this sub channel of distributing via human connections has been underrated, if not just plain overlooked.

However, the truth is, human-to-human lead gen is a TIMELESS avenue for distributing your product or service, as long as humans continually and inherently seek connection with other humans.

RPMC is excited to continue down the timeless path of human-to-human lead gen, always searching and discovering the ways people engage others and how that correlates with them moving forward with your company. The efforts or endless, which excites us to know their is always growth for you right around the corner!

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