Meet the Team

Ryan Pereus

Founder, Owner, Principal Consultant

Ryan is the founder, owner, and principal consultant of RPMC, Inc. He founded RPMC, Inc. in late 2014 after spending a three year hiatus from his career life. He spent that time traveling, in grad school, and playing soccer around the nation and the world. Ryan also spent that time reflecting on the previous 7 years of his marketing and sales career that he had been so invested in prior. He began writing about how what he had been learning in his successes was different from what the human-to-human methods of marketing and sales in the current business world had been telling him. After some self-discovery, empirical evidence, and knack for entrepreneurship, he decided to begin the process of tearing down the salesman stigma of a past era, and begin creating a new message of outbound sales and marketing for the 21st century. Starting with sales copywriting, Ryan began a journey that would lead RPMC, Inc. into the start-up it is today, serving businesses via consulting, script writing, cold calling, and event marketing.

Dennys Delgado

Senior Vice President

Dennys comes to RPMC, Inc. with 8 years of event marketing management experience in multiple categories, 5 years of internet marketing and SEO experience, as well as 5 years of cold calling and inside sales experience. A graduate of the The College of New Jersey, Dennys brings to the team expert knowledge in human-to-human lead generation strategies, analysis, management, script writing, training, consulting, and execution. Dennys’s experience and leadership in lead generation gives RPMC Inc.’s clients confidence and knowledge that continuously drive results upward. 

Collette S.

Project Consultant

Collette’s diverse set of skills allows her to contribute to projects and tasks that require dynamism and creativity. Whether managing call campaigns, developing marketing lists for clients, or designing graphics, Collette contributes in a way that covers the team in many areas. Collette comes to Pereus Marketing with 15 years of professional art, design, marketing, and client management experience.

Barry Simon

Call & Event Consultant

Barry Simon has been working with RPMC, Inc. since July 2016. Barry has had a fruitful career in advertising, marketing, and sales, with experience as a business owner specializing in radio advertising and marketing management in the Philadelphia region. Barry’s expertise in communicating with people brings immense value to the RPMC, Inc. team. Barry’s ability to build trust and make connections has proven a strong asset to the RPMC team when representing our clients at events in the area.

Therese Creighton

Call & Event Consultant

Therese Creighton has 25 years experience in sales and customer service. At the age of 20 she was the manager of a cosmetology shop and later managed a retail store for many years. For the last 3 years she has worked in the face to face, event marketing lead generation space. RPMC is excited to have Therese on board for her talent for conversation, people, and making connections from 0 to 1.

Jordan Hellman

Cold Call & Event Consultant

J.G. Laaksonen

Cold Call & Event Consultant

Chris Meccariello

Cold Call Consultant

Matt Turse

Cold Call Consultant

Kevin Elphik

Event Consultant

Jake Hellman

Event Consultant

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