Cold Calling Your Elevator Pitch in 2017

In 2017 and beyond, the cold call appointment setting landscape has changed.

If you aren’t explicitly aware, you’ve at least felt it. You’ve heard how cold calling doesn’t work, or you’ve at least spoken with people who do it and think to yourself, “sheesh, how’d they get stuck with that,” or, “well, I guess everyone has to have a job.”

Interestingly enough, the problem was never about the efficacy of cold calling. It had to do with the growth of internet marketing and the fall of the salesman. Salesmen have been out of touch for the last few decade or two.

In the 21st century, it is our job as salespeople to change the landscape, all the way down to the simplest and most frequented forms of sales – the cold call elevator pitch.

This pitch today is much quicker, yet packs a more powerful punch than at any time before. Why? Because this is how the conversation has changed. See, the cold caller and sales person in 2017 is much more about listening and adapting than pushing and persuading. It’s almost as if there is a strong correlation between the amount of time the prospect talks and the chance you have at moving them along the sales pipeline.

In the video above, we discuss the third part in our video series regarding the steps in the 21st century cold call script – The Elevator Pitch.

This part of the conversation focuses on your turn in the conversation to speak. However, as the elevator pitch suggests, you shouldn’t talk longer than the time it takes for you to ride up or down an elevator.

The reason for this is because we want to make sure we are quick yet effective, so we don’t lose the prospect and they can digest the information given to them.

As the video discusses, remember these 3 things in the elevator pitch:

  1. Quickly review the description of your business already touched on in the Quick Pitch (Episode 1!)
  2. Deliver 1 or 2 benefits or features that speak to your prospect’s pain! (See the video above for more!)
  3. Present 1 differentiator, or, something that makes you unique from the competition

By delivering these 3 parts of the pitch in roughly 3-5 sentences, you will give yourself enough space to PREPARE yourself for the whole point of the elevator ride —- to ask if they’d like to continue the conversation past that dreaded part of everyone’s day…

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