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We offer scripts for cold Calling used by hundreds of companies

Our sales development, prospecting, cold calling, telemarketing, and other scripts are written for multiple scenarios and for almost every industry.

Learning how to cold call starts with writing an effective cold calling script.  Pereus Marketing has years of experience writing cold calling scripts for clients and businesses in various industries. All of our telemarketing scripts and  cold call scripts are custom written for each client’s unique product or service with their target prospect in mind. Our cold calling scripts are written using the same approach and process that we use when writing our own in-house  telemarketing scripts! In addition to writing your cold calling scripts, we can also offer you a consultation to help you use and implement the scripts.

RPMC, Inc. specializes in helping salespeople that are struggling to figure out how to write a cold call script.  We have written hundreds of telemarketing scripts and phone sales scripts that have produced results for clients all over the country.  Some of our experience includes scripts for cold calling industries such as insurance, real estate, construction, education, property management, law firms, agriculture, technology, saas and more.

Having trouble writing an effective cold calling script?

Or maybe you’re not seeing the results with your current sales script? Either way, we can help!

Custom Cold Calling Script

A custom script designed to engage prospects and deliver our “3 Keys to a Value Proposition” messaging strategy.  

  • Designed for your specific industry
  • Delivered within 5 days

Each Script


A custom, multi-scenario diagram script w/ prospect responses. Includes intro video by R.S. Pereus!

Training Kit


PREMIUM SCRIPT + 30 Mins w/Ryan to learn script, answer questions, & turbocharge your cold call brain.

Script & Consultation

A custom script for cold calling designed to engage prospects and deliver our “3 Keys to a Value Proposition” messaging strategy plus a personal consultation. 

  • Discuss your lead generation scripts & campaign
  • Advice and tips on using your custom script
  • Delivered within 7 days

30 Minutes Consultation Add-On

Extend your consultation an additional 30 minutes to dive deeper into your cold calling strategy.

consultation add-On


Extend your consultation to get more insights, tips and techniques to implement your script and jumpstart  your sales pipeline!

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