How College Soccer Relates to Cold Calling & Lead Generation

Written by our summer project consultant, Tom Santilli.

The art of cold calling and appointment setting produces a challenge like no other. As a Division I NCAA soccer player, I have found cold calling to be quite a bit like a 90 minute soccer game. If you don’t know, soccer is a particularly exhausting sport. Soccer has you running  around for 90 minutes per game, exerting the maximum amount of energy your body can produce without knowing whether or not this energy will even translate to a goal or win. It requires a great deal of patience, and sometimes a full 90 minutes before you find the right opportunity to score a goal.

There is a moment though that everything changes. If you have an opportunity to finally score that goal, and deliver, a euphoric sensation overcomes you, giving you the energy that makes you feel like you can play another 90 minutes.

This is where i have found my experience with soccer similar to cold calling. Like soccer, cold calling lead generation on the phone requires you to exert hours of energy without knowing whether or not you will make a sale or even reach customers. It takes patience in knowing that you may call 30 phone numbers without talking to a single person.  However, like soccer, you must wait for the right 

opportunity to reach a client and deliver your pitch. Once that sale is finally made, or the appointment is set, you realize that all those hours of exerted energy were worth it. At this point, all you want to do is call more potential customers. Like a 90 minute soccer game, a day of cold calling can  leave you flat on your face or ecstatic from your success. Either way,  both of these scenarios leave you hungry for more.


Tom has been working with RPMC this summer, and we will be sad to see him go in a couple weeks as he goes back to his senior year at St. Joseph’s University. One of the first things we noticed about him was his stamina and perseverance in waiting and executing on the right opportunity. From his first day and dial, we have seen his success, and it has only gotten better. Tom’s skill set has contributed significantly as he was able to set multiple appointments and has proved to be a force in cold call lead generation for our clients.

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