Creating the Perfect Script for Our Clients

At RPMC, the script curation process is a creative, yet strategic collaborative effort between RPMC and the client. Ryan Pereus, CEO and owner, has been developing the signature RPMC script for over 10 years. This script is a skeleton for every script we curate for our clients. The RPMC scripts for cold calling act as the foundation and structure that focuses on making prospects comfortable and helping mitigate any latent salesman stigma – the bones of the conversation.

While we view ourselves as experts in human-to-human lead generation, we are not experts in our clients’ industries during our first campaign with them. Because of this, we welcome and request feedback from each company to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of our conversations. The clients offer key points and information that they would like us to include in the conversation, resulting in an extremely customized and unique script for each company.

Because we care about how we represent our clients, we offer script role-plays (we play the caller and you play prospect), and will revise our drafts until they’re perfect! Ultimately, this method is what has been proven to work! RPMC delivers with your industry and customer in mind, coupled with the expertise of our sales team and validated methods.


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