Embracing the Term “Cold Calling”

Cold-calling has been a foundational aspect of marketing for several decades. It is arguably the most commonly known marketing technique. Yet, the mere mention of “cold-calling” often produces negative thoughts and perceptions. Marketing companies that offer and specialize in the method often refuse to say the word or choose to advertise this service with the use of pleasant euphemisms.
Not at RPMC. As a company that prides itself on putting “human” back into “human-to-human lead generation,” we are determined to break the stigma associated with sales techniques, including cold calling.

At RPMC we view ourselves as trailblazers for a new type of marketing. As opposed to focusing on closing the deal, we put emphasis on creating a warm and impactful interaction with our clients’ prospective customers. Creating a genuine, yet informative, conversation about our clients services allows us to cultivate interest and to leave the consumer with an enjoyable experience. We do all of this, while also generating significant leads for our clients. By completely owning the term, we’re able to create a new image for cold-calling. At RPMC, we embrace the term, because we do not view the method itself as negative. However, we do recognize that historically, it has been viewed as such. Fighting this negative connotation and delivering excellence continues to be our focus. Perhaps you could say RPMC is working to warm cold calling up a bit.


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