Introducing RPMC’s New Business Consultant for Events & SEO Consultant, Dennys Delgado

Dennys Delgado, Business Consultant of Events & SEO Consultant

This month, RPMC was lucky enough to acquire a major player in event marketing lead generation management, Dennys Delgado. An 8 year veteran in event marketing management in the Philadelphia region, Dennys comes to RPMC with over 10 years experience in marketing and over 8 years experience specifically in the niche and rare channel of event marketing lead generation management.

Dennys’s position as the lead business consultant for events is to maintain and build the RPMC brand with clients and the community in the Philadelphia and surrounding regions. By spearheading efforts to help our clients obtain more qualified contacts and leads, RPMC is able to provide rare and needed support for small to mid size businesses to grow.
Event marketing as a lead generation source for sales is rare because of the uncertainty, grit, and sales prowess required with the territory. Ideally, at events we attend for our clients, crowds gather and pass by our booth. These crowds contain prospective customers for our clients, and it is our job to engage these prospective customers, delivery their product knowledge, and make contact for a step in the direction of a sale. As easy as this may sound, it is actually a very difficult strategy to execute successfully.

Dennys comes to the team with executing event marketing plans and strategies successfully after many years of learning and mastering this niche market. Not only does he know how to bring a department from 0 to 60 in terms of lead quantities, but also excels at ensuring proper qualification of clients’ prospects prior to moving them along the sales pipeline.
RPMC is excited to have Dennys as our lead for event marketing management as we continue to grow as a service and team of consultants.
Dennys is also spearheading our SEO and internet marketing offering to small and medium size businesses. With 5 years experience in search engine optimization and internet marketing, Dennys’s marketing awareness allows him to stay relevant and sharp with many of Google’s algorithm changes and updates. This allows our clients to work with someone who possesses the ability to understand and execute top placements in major internet search engines.
A significant addition to the team, Dennys gives RPMC the extension it needs to continue growing at its fast pace in the world of cold call and face-to-face marketing.
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