Keeping the Elevator Pitch Simple

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough.” -Einstein

Often times when cold calling, you get someone on the phone and you’re trying to explain how amazing your product or service is with complex keywords and phrases, then they hang up on you midway through your elevator pitch. You might think to yourself, “WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN!? DO THEY NOT THINK WHAT I HAVE TO TALK ABOUT IN A MONOTONE VOICE MAIL IS INTERESTING AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND!?” These are some of the questions I find many cold callers asking themselves.

The reason why it’s common for cold callers to encounter this problem is
because they are speaking with highly influential decision makers, and think they have to be very assertive or speak complexly to catch their attention. Although you need to speak the lingo of the industry you’re calling, the decision
makers shouldn’t have to think too hard about what you’re saying. You want to script your elevator pitch as an easy to understand pitch that describes your product or service. The elevator pitch should be structured in a way that the decision maker can experience the product or service without having to use it.

Why do we think this is the right way?

The reason is this… True,  these people aren’t dummies, but decision makers don’t like being distracted from their current tasks to decipher whether what you’re saying is applicable to them or not.
That’s why when RPMC calls, we do more of a simplistic elevator pitch. When designing this type of pitch, we use keywords for the industry we’re calling. We make sure to talk about benefits for the company – benefits they can experience without having to actually use the product or service. If you keep this in mind when calling, you will find that creating interest within decision makers and pushing the appointment vs. the product will lead to more appointments and more sales!

– Karol Brehany, Business Consultant

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