How Do I Overcome the Fear of Cold Calling?

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By Ryan Pereus.

Cold calling is amazing. You are amazing for wanting to overcome the fear of this “daunting” task.

The fear of cold calling has much more to do with the fear the person on the other end feels when you dial and they pick up. The fear has to do with what we call at RPMC, “the salesman stigma.” Cold call receivers, or your prospects, are terrified of what someone is going to try to sell them, ultimately making them do something they will regret.

If you realize the fear is actually their fear mirroring back to you, suddenly the conversation is totally different. Your job is no longer about selling them something over the phone (or in person for that matter), but much more about diffusing the preconceptions a past salesman and cold calling era has told them.

Most of the conversations with our clients prospects are about easing their fears disguised as objections. These manifest in responses such as “we don’t want to buy anything right now,” or “we don’t have the money,” or some type of lizard brain response to get you off the phone, even if our offering is something they are interested in and could help them!

If you can understand your role as a cold caller in the 21st century is to slow down the conversation in the mind of the person you are calling, then all of a sudden everyone’s fears begin to vanish. If they think you are trying to sell them something, and you correct them by saying you want to offer them a free week trial of your service, or even just more information, they realize there was nothing to be fearful of in the first place.

“Slowing down” the sales conversation has 2 major impacts on the receiver:

1.) Diffuses the fear, while simultaneously…

2.) Builds trust

Building trust is done in a conversation namely by diffusing the fear of potential regret. When they realize you have dispelled their fears, you have then made a new human connection and are one step closer to a sale.

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