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Company: Social media has become an increasingly undeniable component of our society and has changed how we communicate with each other. As a result, social media management and strategy are now commonly utilized methodologies of expanding a company’s brand. Yet, many small businesses aren’t quite sure how to leverage social media to improve their bottom dollar. Our client, iSocialPR, provides social media branding expertise and services to small businesses in the event planning industry. iSocialPR revolutionizes their clients’ social media strategy resulting in increased website traffic, brand awareness, and a larger customer base.

Scope of work: iSocialPR has enlisted our services to help connect with their target consumers. At RPMC, we focus on cultivating a meaningful conversation with our clients’ prospective customers; this conversation is tailored to educate and generate interest. While we’re having these impactful conversations, we’re also recording detailed information regarding the results of each call and next steps. With iSocialPR we implemented a new metric for our call tracking process. This new metric tracks the frequency of responses received that were neither positive, nor negative, but resulted in more information being requested. This metric is particularly useful, as it allows for the conversion of neutral prospects to bonafide leads. By tracking this, we’re able to put emphasis on providing useful information that a neutral prospect can use to make their decision.

Results: During this pilot campaign for iSocialPR, we were able to generate interest in every single round of calls we made! Almost half of the decision makers reached were interested in a consultation with iSocialPR. An additional ~ 30% wanted more information. With the data we provided, including the leads generated, iSocial has been able to follow up with each individual lead for an informative consultation – an invaluable opportunity to market their services directly to interested individuals.


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