RPMC Delievers Successful Pilot Project for Food Service Company

One of the most treasured and revered times of the day: lunch! Our newest client provides a step up from the tuna sandwich you have packed in your lunch box and RPMC is helping them spread the word.

Company Profile: Our client, a food service company, offers food trucks to dozens of businesses in 8 major cities across the US. What sets them apart from the competition is their extensive catalog of food trucks, ranging from tacos to cupcakes, and everything in between. Food trucks are hand-picked from their large network of trucks to satisfy each client’s cuisine preferences. Trucks can be scheduled for recurring visits or special occasions at the client’s request.

Scope-of-work: To facilitate a meaningful initial marketing interaction, RPMC crafted a marketing strategy that introduces the client to their target consumers. Together, RPMC and the client developed and curated a cold call script that enables insightful and organic conversation about the company’s service. RPMC tested and evaluated this script to create the most effective and engaging conversation.  In addition to increased business, RPMC delivered priceless data from each conversation to create a superior understanding of the target market.

In many ways, cold calling is a lost art, often deemed antiquated with the increased popularity of Internet marketing. However, what’s missing in most of the newer avenues of marketing is the familiarity of human-to-human interaction – the foundation of cold calling. RPMC brings this foundational element to the forefront by focusing less on one-call close attempts and more on establishing ourselves as trustworthy before moving forward to close the deal. This works to combat the stigma that many associate with sales.


Results: We initiated the project with a goal of gauging the consumer’s openness and generating interest that would result in sales for our client. During Phase 1, RPMC successfully connected with 23% of targeted consumers. Of that group, 46% of their target prospects were interested in the food truck service. The revealing data collected in the first phase allowed us to identify what ignited their interest in the service and desire to move forward in the process.  Utilizing this data, we were able to tweak the script for the upcoming phases, with a new goal of increasing the successful connections and percentage of interested consumers.

Moving Forward: The leads, coupled with the valuable market data, provided significant insight for the client. So much so that they requested that we do it again! We’re currently working on Phase 2 of the project, which includes reaching out to our clients prospects in other cities where the company has a presence. Ultimately, through our improved cold calling methods and detailed market data, we hope to increase sales and create a more effective way for companies to touch their audiences!   

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