3 Ways to Make Tracking Cold Calls Easy and Why It’s Important

By Lia Sudler

As a lead generation company, we pride ourselves on delivering quality leads to our clients through our cold calling service. But in addition to that, we deliver detailed accounts of each campaign with the help of our call trackers. In lieu of a traditional, out-of-the-box CRM, we’ve created a simplified, Google Sheets Call Tracker that allows us to give essential details about how the cold calling campaign is going. Our call trackers also provide us with insight regarding our client’s target market. In fact, in some cases the client may provide a list that they want us to test and through our reporting on the call tracker, they are able to see that particular market may not be lucrative for them. Using this sort of reporting, clients can strategize based on tangible data about their market. How did we come up with such an effective tool for tracking call results and performing marketing research? We made sure to focus on 3 main components.

  • Multiple callers can edit at one time (with real-time updates!)

To reach our clients’ target consumers sooner and more efficiently, we have multiple callers working on a list at one time. In order to maintain organization, each cold caller can populate the tracker with their notes, while seeing all changes in real-time. This prevents mishaps and keeps all callers informed about the campaign so they can adjust accordingly!

  • A standard way for callers to report

Our cold call trackers allow each caller to record their notes in a standard, organized way. We have company standards so that each caller is reporting uniformly. Part of of standards requires the caller to identify which calls they have made. This way, the client can see who was on the call, so that they are able to reach out directly to that individual directly with any questions or comments about their cold calling campaign.

  • Viewable by others

From the moment we start cold calling until the last call made, our client has access to view everything happening in the call tracker. We understand that our clients care about the experience their prospective customers are receiving and like to be a part of the process in someway. By allowing our clients to view every note as it is being made, the client has control and can jump into action to follow up with warm leads or next-steps.

Bonus: We send email notifications directly from the tracker when there is a lead, so clients don’t have to view the call track if they don’t want to!

A great cold call tracker makes internal operations efficient and effective, while also keeping the client well-informed!

Video on Call Tracking: Here is a video of our owner, R.S. Pereus, discussing the importance of tracking and what metrics should be used when running cold call and prospecting campaigns!

Many people think just smiling and dialing and hoping for “the most amount of appointments possible,” but this can a precarious strategy if there is no plan in place to help determine the success of a project or prospecting campaign.

Check out the video to hear Ryan talk about what metrics to track during the sales development process!

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