Outbound Marketing experts

At Pereus Marketing we specialize in the conversation and way humans connect to products and services. Our offerings include:

  • Prospecting Strategy – Consulting, training, script copy writing
  • B2B Cold Call & Inside Sales – Outsourcing lead generation via cold calling, inside sales, telemarketing, & appointment setting
  • Event Marketing Management –  lead generation via face-to-face marketing, event marketing, and canvassing

We believe people have always liked connecting with businesses via a human connection, but negativity from a past sales era has created a “salesman stigma” that still lingers.

"Ryan and his team outperformed my expectations by a long shot. They also outperformed typical cold call statistics by a huge margin. I think the main reason why they got such great results is the fact that they have a big team of real humans (not some software) that do the calls. They did everything from the script, to reporting, to the calls themselves. I also think a big success factor was that they call every contact up to 3 times and not just once. The communication was superb as well. 10/10 recommended for anybody that needs a team of really good cold callers/appointment setters."
Lukas Vizenetz
Owner, Atlas Digital

Why Cold calling

Even though the internet has created a new and permanent marketplace, interaction with humans is still a TIMELESS way to connect others. However, the rules have changed a bit! If we can adapt to the way people connect to businesses in the 21st century, we can still positively impact every conversation and relationship we engage in.

We serve those businesses looking to market in the event and trade show industry, as well as those seeking leads via B2B telemarketing, appointment setting, or cold calling.

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