Ryan Pereus, owner of Pereus Marketing, also provides marketing, management, and business consulting and training for those companies looking to expedite their growth

What makes Pereus Marketing different is Pereus’s 15 years of the right experience building businesses in multiple industries at different stages of growth. Areas Pereus covers are the following:

Marketing & Sales

Specializing in direct marketing, personal selling, and branding


Focusing on management, leadership, strategy, organizational structure, roles, and more

Business Process

Creating & placing systems, processes, and procedures necessary for efficiency and effectiveness

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About Ryan

Ryan R.S. Pereus is passionate about you & your business. As an entrepreneur, sales pro, & dreamer, relating to others in their quests to grow their businesses enables him to contribute what he’s learned.  As the Owner & Founder of Pereus Marketing (RPMC) & Superhuman Prospecting, R.S. saw success early. He took what he learned from his professional career & past sales experiences, & packaged his skill set into offerings he found the market wanted & needed. 

Starting with Pereus Marketing (RPMC) in 2015, RPMC started as a human-to-human sales prospecting consulting firm helping companies generate more sales opportunities in a digital world. Since it’s inception in 2015, RPMC has transformed from consulting to a full fledged call service, Superhuman Prospecting, providing outsourced appointment setting, lead generation, & inside sales development to over 1000 B2B companies around the nation & the globe. 

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