Successful Cold Call Campaigns – Our Take on the Top 3 Contributing Factors

Successful cold call campaigns are what we study day in and day out. We are a telemarketing, appointment setting, inside sales company after all. In 2017, we completed over 150 cold call campaigns for our clients, collecting valuable information on every single dial. After an analysis of those campaigns,  there are 3 main factors that contribute to successful cold call campaigns.
 1.) The quality of the marketing list.
There is so much that goes into a good list, and multiple variables within it. Do you have the right company? Have you placed the right filters and
segmented the market in such a way that the companies you are calling are pre-qualified? Secondly, is it the right contact? Right phone number for that contact? Is the info updated? All of these factors contribute to the quality of the list.
Think of it this way. If Michael Phelps swam in an indoor Olympic pool, would he attain Olympic times? What if you were to put him in a choppy ocean…with sharks? Do you think he’d get the same times? No. The setting needs to be quality before anything else can.
2.) Successful cold call campaigns focus on the quality of the script and/or message
Script, no script, sheet music, or wingin’ it — the message needs to incite a pain, palpable benefit for the prospect, or an overwhelming reason to move forward. What you are saying matters. The most important criteria of a quality message or script is ensuring there is at least one tangible benefit and one feature that differentiates the product or service from the competition.
What does this look like? A tangible, measurable benefit is one where the impact can be felt without actually having to experience it first. A good example would be “our
 software can help you save 50% of the time it normally takes to collect information,” not, “we can help you do this more quickly.”
successful cold call campaigns
Pereus Marketing (RPMC) cold call consultants
3) The delivery or execution
Cold calling is a performance, a competition, a sport. It’s all in the delivery. Understanding pauses, how to articulate a message correctly, knowing how to mirror or use emotional attunement, and timing are all contributing factors into the infinitely educational conversation that is a cold call. Get in your 10,000 hours and you will be a pro!
If your prospect is stoic, direct, and right to the point, speak their language. Do the same right back. If they are fast-paced and enthusiastic, pick up the tempo and deliver something that will match their

enthusiasm. Since people favor those similar to them, match them and your message will ring louder than if you don’t.

While strategizing, designing, preparing, and executing campaigns are way more complex than these three steps, it is true that most successful cold call campaigns contain these elements.

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