Selling Appointments, Not Products

RPMC’s focus is on helping our clients build business. Marketing strategies such as cold calling, as well as event marketing have played a large role in executing this goal. One contributor to the success had is the focus on setting appointments with potential customers in place of going straight for a sale. By setting an appointment there is more opportunity to build a relationship with the customer. The chances of getting to a sale right off the bat are slim, but if a relationship is built and a level of trust is established new customers will be more open to listen to what a company has to offer. Only after a level of trust is established will the sales process move forward. For example, if a couple is looking to buy a new home and the realtor attempts to sell them as soon as they step foot into the first house, chances are they are going to be less likely to trust the agent. This makes getting to a sale difficult for the realtor due to the fact that instead of finding out what his or her clients were looking for, the main focus was what the agent could get from the couple. If the only focus is getting to the sale, the odds of getting to that point are going to be slim. It is important to develop a relationship with clients not only to get to a sale, but to earn their business again in the future. For these reasons, RPMC has been successful in helping other businesses grow, not only in the short term, but in the long term as well.

– Greg Kiefer, Project Consultant

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